The dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than yourself! (J. Billings)

We always glad to see You to website of kennel LUXURY STYLE, dedicated to the wonderful breed Great Dane. Here you can enjoy our victories at dog shows, achievements breeding and get to know our pride - our dogsYou can’t but agree that these wonderful  creatures - dogs make our home a real home!


And we are open for conversation with our sympathizers and breed-lovers. We are a young kennel, but with huge potential and we approach to their work with enthusiasm, inspiration & interest.


With Great Danes go unnoticed in society is simply not possible - enthusiastic shouts of children, admiring glances of passers-by, in General, a lot of positive emotions are guaranteed. The Great Dane is a service dog, guard dog, and therefore is stable, has an even temperament, she is smart and in certain situations, is able to independently make decisions for the benefit of the owner. This is inherent on the genetic level. The dog will understand you perfectly, sometimes simply glance in his direction, believe me, he can read your mind - that's the intellectual.


When the competent educational process of the puppy will grow not only beautiful bodyguard who will be able to protect the territory, you and your child, this dog will be Your best companion and loyal friend (see photo). 


In our nursery you can buy a puppy, get a free consultation of a trainer, veterinary doctor and a breeder. Great Dane is our love, our life and our world.


We wish You pleasant work with the website!


Kennel of Great Danes "LUXURY STYLE" is located in Crimea, Kerch and registered to UKU-FCI certificate № 194/14, and all rights to which belong to the owner of the kennel - Prikhodko O.M.

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27-28.08.2016 -


дебют чихуахуа

18.10.2014 - 2xCAC

new victory   наши новые победы 

04.07.2015 - new photos

новые фото...смотреть

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